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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Package at the Door- an original Anthrodollogie photostory

Hey People!  Here comes my first photostoty..

An extremely light (but pleasant) dusting of winter snow was falling outside.


Inside (from left to right: Lou, Elizabeth, Alexis, and Briana.) the girls were eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa, when they heard the doorbell ring.

photo.JPG "I'll get it!", yelled Briana as she walked to the door.  She heard the delivery truck drive away, and she just knew it was a surprise package!  Briana loved surprises.

photo.JPG  She picked up a thin long package.  Briana knew what it was.  She smiled to herself and picked it up.

photo.JPG  The package was adressed to Miss Alexis Miri, so Briana carefully and gently placed it on her lap.
photo.JPG  Alexis flipped the package over with excitement and exclaimed, "Oh... my... gosh!  I'ts.. an AG doll!"
photo.JPG  "So now I'm the only one who doesn't have an American Girl Doll? That's nice." she said with sarcasm and dismay.

photo.JPG  Alexis shook off the comment and took the doll out of the box to see which one it was.  She saw the sweet and cute face of Addy!

photo.JPG Briana took out her doll, Rebecca, and she and Alexis immediately began to play with them.

photo.JPG  "This is the best day ever!" shrieked Alexis with joy.


So, how did you like my photostory?

                                                        That's all for today,

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