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Monday, December 31, 2012

Saige is Almost Here!


    Today I realized The GOTY 2013 Saige Copeland is coming out tomorrow!  My birthday is in Jan., and I have $100 to spend for it, so I'm planning on welcoming Saige to my doll family!  I
really want her, because she is soo pretty!  (see my Saige post, filed under November to see pictures of her).  I've seen some of Saige's collection, and as a tribute to Saige, I will post photos of it right here, at Anthrodollogie!  And before I show the pictures, what do you guys think of a New Year's photoshoot, maybe posted on Sat. or Sun.?  But anyway, here's Saige...

  This is Saige, with her beautiful horse Picasso.  I love her outfit!  She reminds me of Felicity (retired AG historical) and Nikki (retired AG GOTY)  And since I didn't have the chance to get either of them, this is th perfect oppurtunity for me.
Saige with her art set!  The arty set is adorable, and I just love the outfit she is wearing!  The sweater and sandals are so cute.  Her style is so bohemian and girly, I just love it!
  Saige with her hot airballoon and dog.  I just love the outfit she is wearing, especially the gold cowgirl boots!  I wonder If she would actually be able to fit in that hot

That's all for Saige!  Aren't you guys excited?


Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Package at the Door- an original Anthrodollogie photostory

Hey People!  Here comes my first photostoty..

An extremely light (but pleasant) dusting of winter snow was falling outside.


Inside (from left to right: Lou, Elizabeth, Alexis, and Briana.) the girls were eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa, when they heard the doorbell ring.

photo.JPG "I'll get it!", yelled Briana as she walked to the door.  She heard the delivery truck drive away, and she just knew it was a surprise package!  Briana loved surprises.

photo.JPG  She picked up a thin long package.  Briana knew what it was.  She smiled to herself and picked it up.

photo.JPG  The package was adressed to Miss Alexis Miri, so Briana carefully and gently placed it on her lap.
photo.JPG  Alexis flipped the package over with excitement and exclaimed, "Oh... my... gosh!  I'ts.. an AG doll!"
photo.JPG  "So now I'm the only one who doesn't have an American Girl Doll? That's nice." she said with sarcasm and dismay.

photo.JPG  Alexis shook off the comment and took the doll out of the box to see which one it was.  She saw the sweet and cute face of Addy!

photo.JPG Briana took out her doll, Rebecca, and she and Alexis immediately began to play with them.

photo.JPG  "This is the best day ever!" shrieked Alexis with joy.


So, how did you like my photostory?

                                                        That's all for today,

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pinterest... and other things

      I know I promised to have the rest of my doll related Christmas items posted, and just to let you guys know, I'll do it.  But, not today.  I'm working on a doll photostory that I know you guys will enjoy.  Anyways, let's gt to the Pinterest part of the post title.  I just wanted you guys to check out my boards!  They are under Elizabeth St. Claire, and the board names are: All Creative and Vintage and Anthrodollogy, (it's spelled with a y this time, I know).  Also, I'm starting a blog called All Creative and Vintage, bu I'm still thinking about it.  If it's not up by February, I'm probably not going to do it.

                                                                                                  That's All for Today,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  I love Christmas!  This is the post of all of the doll-related items I've gotten today.

First up...

  Lou!  She is a doll that is apart of a French doll line called Miss Corolle. She is absoloutley adorable,but this photo does not capture her cuteness! She is also wearing a Journey Girls messenger bag.  Her hair is layered, and her body has a subtle vanilla smell.

photo.JPG  More Lou!  This is her whole outfit.

photo.JPG  This is Elizabeth in a Journey Girls outfit that includes a silver bubble jacket, with fur around the hood.  It also comes with ablue scarf.  The purple top is an American Girl pajama shirt.

photo.JPG This is a close-up of Elizabeth's scarf that showas the snowflake detail.
photo.JPG Lou's close up!

Tht concludes for today!  The rest of the American Girl and or doll related items will be posted tomorrow! For now though, it's time to hang out with my family!

                                                          Ciao Once Again,


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Photos!

      I decided to take some holiday photos of my dolls!  Sorry about the lighting and bad quality, they were taken on an iPhone.

photo.JPG  If you can see her, this is Elizabeth Rebecca.  She is my third doll.  You canread her profile to learn more about her.

photo.JPG  These are all of my dolls, posing by the Christmas Tree in the living room of the apartment.  From left to right: Briana, Elizabeth, and Alexis.

photo.JPG  This is my doll's Christmas Tree.  It was only $5! I found it at hte Home Depot.  (the presents under the tree are empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper.)  BTW, it is 24 inches.

photo.JPG  This is my first doll, Alexis Miri.  Read her profile to learn more about her.

photo.JPG  This is my second doll, Briana Sophi.  Read her profile to know more about her.

       That concludes the photoshoot! Like the bracelet Briana is wearing? It is a friendship bracelet made by my aunt.  All dolls that were pictured are American Girl Dolls.  I have to find a better camera source, obviously. But I hoped you enjoyed!I may do a post after Christmas to show and review any American Girl items that I may have gotten.


P.S. Like my festive colors?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holidays... and stuff

Hi Peoples,

         I thought I thought could share with you my favorite holiday American Girl Items, but nooo, my dolls just have to do it.  So without further ado (is that how you spell it?) Here are my beautiful girlies...

Hey everyone it's Elizabeth (the doll) I going to share with you my favorite items. This is it...

Okay, I just love this dress.  It's fresh, cute, and fun!  It's not the traditional red or green holiday outfit.  It's purple, but it still has a certain holiday feel, not just Christmas.  This, right here, is New Years, Thanksgiving, Halloween Party,and every other holiday occasion you could think of.  And the headband is the cutest thing ever too.  BTW, it's just so classy! :{) (like my classy mustache dude?)

I love, love, love this! The color contrast is awesome, and the reindeer antlers are sooo darn cute!

Hi everyone, It's Briana here! These are my favorites.

Okay, I guess I'm a sucker for traditional sometimes!  This elegant dress has velvet, taffeta, and classic patent leather ballet flats.  It's just so pretty!

This is the perfect reflection for my sporty, outdoorsy, stylish personality, (read my profile to know more about that).  Every single sporty, outdoorsy, stylish girl needs to have a cute snow boarding outfit for those winter months!  It combines so many beautiful colors, bright enough to add light to anyone's holiday!

 Hi everyone, It's Alexis here, and these a re my absolute favorites!

Here's the first!  If you read my profile you would totally know why I love this! I'm a total and complete girly-girl who loves sewing!  There is so much nice stitching detail!  And every girly-girl loves pink!
I'm the cook in the family, and this is so cute to me.  Not to mention what good quality of sewing is in the hat and apron!

Okay this is all of us!: Merry Christmas! Hopefully our mom can get pictures up of our beautiful Christmas Tree!

                                                  Happy Holidays,

                                                                      Briana,Elizabeth, and Alexis

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Holiday Season

Hi Peoples!

     I'm so excited for Christmas!  And not just only Christmas but the whole holiday season... We had Thanksgiving, so Christmas and New Year's are still yet to come, and did I mention my birthday was in January?  So that's apart of the holiday season also!  Holiday season equals holiday doll crafts.  On DollDiaries, youtube and just about every other doll 'site ou could think of there are holiday crafts.  I have a few, but I need to fix my camera.:(.  I'm decoating my doll apartment, things like stockings on the fireplace and such, and I'm working on a Christmas tree.  So, what are you working on for the holidays?

                                            Merriness and Good Cheer,


Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Curl a Doll's Hair ... so it will stay

Hey Everybody,

    I was trying a new project, how to curl ad dolls hair.  I was unwilling to try this on  and actual American Girl Doll, saying they are $105.  Soooo, I tried it on my BFC inc. doll.  You just simply roll your doll's hair in pipe cleaners, sponge curlers, or whatever, to the tightness that you want.  You put some water onto a low boil, and then have an adult dunk your dolls hair in it, (still with you curling devices on) and make sure every part of the hair gets wet with hot water.  Afterwards,have the hair dry with the curlers still in it, and then carefully take them out. Now you have a doll with permanent curly hair.  I'll have some pictures up of my doll sometime. Anyway, enjoy!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Giveaway @ Doll Diaries!

Hey Peoples,
 At they are giving away a Silver Metallic Trench Coat from Trendy Dolls!
Just givin' you a heads up!



Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Giveaways!

 Hey Everyone!,

    I just wanna give you a heads up that are giving away an American Girl Place exclusive pink sweater, and the Queen's Treasures Winter Ski Time Outfit.  So go check out by just clicking the words in orange.

                                   Happy Giveaways,

Introducing... the new... American Girl... Girl of the Year 2013...Saige

Hey Peoples,
 This is Saige!
  These pictures are all over the internet.  You can't see this but she has freckles.  HER OUTFIT IS SOOOOO CUTE, I LOVE HER BOOTS, AND HER BELT IS ADORABLE! Her hair comes in a braid,and her eyes are just a bit darker than historical Marie-Grace's,her ears are pierced, and her boots have these strappy decals, and her belt is amade of real beads just like the colorful beaded belts that are in today for real girls ;).  BTW,her hair is in a hairnet so don't freak out if it looks weird.  Apparently, she is interesting in art, horse-back riding, and she lives in New Mexico.(?) I think I may consider buying her.  Sowhat do you htink of her? Some people say she looks like a combination of GOTY Nicki and historical Felicity. So, tell me what you think of her in the commnts below. Are you gonna' get her when she comes out on January first? Bye Bye Mckenna!
And for those of you who don't know, Nckenna's collection leaves too.

            Thanks for Reading,


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hey People, I just wanna' let you guys know on they are giving away a raggedy ann or raggedy andy doll, and BTW doll diaries is great!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introducing...Elizabeth, Briana, and Alexis! (or my dolls' profiles)

Hey everyone,this is Elizabeth (the person). BTW< Elizabeth is my "code name".  I took the name Elizabeth from my AG doll.  Well, anyway, my AG dolls will take it from here!

Hey Everybody! I'm Alexis, Elizabeth (the person)'s first doll.  Her parents purchased me at American Girl Place Los Angeles.  I have dark skin, brown eyes, and straight hair.  My passion is cooking and baking.  I also enjoy sewing, and just hanging out with my doll sisters.(And also,from now on Elizabeth the doll have a smiley face after her name to dictate who is who.)

Hi peoples!  I'm Briana, Elizabeth's second doll.  Elizabeth purchased me off of online. (Elizabeth paid for half.)  She actually flipped a coin to choose me or another doll.  I have medium skin, hazel eyes, and brown curly hair.  I LOVE being active and playing outdoors. Any sport you can think of I probably play on my school's team.  I'm also kind of a nature nut.  People say I'm kinda full of myself ( BTW, they are totally not cool).  I'm also pretty stylish too. :) 

Hey Guys!  I'm Elizabeth:), Elizabeth's third doll.  Elizabeth's grandma purchased me from online.  I have brown straight hair with bangs, medium skin, and brown eyes.  I love anything that has to do with the arts.(art, music, acting, dancing, etc.)  But I like ballet and acting the most!

Side Notes From all of Us!:We own a huge craft store called Fijishima that my mom built 2 days ago.
It has shelves and every craft supply you could think of.  Along with paintings, books, and magazines. We are all also in a singing group witha LEGO named Robby Jones.  We live in an apartment in my mom's closet.  But on Christmas we're getting a 6ft. 8 doll house that is 5 ft. wide!  We are also getting a sister named Marie-Grace if my mom makes straight As.  And a sister named Lou.

From Elizabeth: Sorry about the craft post,my camera isn't working. :(

                     From Elizabeth, Briana, Alexis, and Elizabeth:(

Friday, October 5, 2012

Posting News, and Talk

Ok, so it's official, the craft will not be posted until next week.   I know these days my blog has been like, a dreag, but things will be looking up!


Sorry Again!

So everyone, the craft post is going to be posted either tomorrow, Sunday, or later than midnight tonight.  I don't wanna' keep you guys waiting so, the craft is...    A DOLL TISSUE BOX!  You will actually be able to put  real tissue in it, and you can take it out to"blow" your doll's nose!


Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm so sorry I didn't post the craft.  I came home late on Friday, and came home late yesterday.  I was just too tired and didn't have time.  I'll try to get it up today, but since tomorrow is Mon., I think everyone will be busy.  So most likely, it will get posted on this or next coming Friday. :(

                                                          Hope you're not dissapointed,


Friday, September 28, 2012

Get ready... to get... CRAFTY

Hey Guys, later on, at about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. or so :(, I'll post step by step instructions for a craft.  Pictures will be on the way too.  So get crafty! :)

                                                        Talk to ya' later,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome to Anthrodollogie!

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, and this is my first post on my new blog, Anthrodollogie.  On this blog I will post inexpensive doll crafts that is an alternative of something you could buy, and my take on dolls ( mainly American Girl). I hoope you enjoy Anthrodollogie!