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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Photos!

      I decided to take some holiday photos of my dolls!  Sorry about the lighting and bad quality, they were taken on an iPhone.

photo.JPG  If you can see her, this is Elizabeth Rebecca.  She is my third doll.  You canread her profile to learn more about her.

photo.JPG  These are all of my dolls, posing by the Christmas Tree in the living room of the apartment.  From left to right: Briana, Elizabeth, and Alexis.

photo.JPG  This is my doll's Christmas Tree.  It was only $5! I found it at hte Home Depot.  (the presents under the tree are empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper.)  BTW, it is 24 inches.

photo.JPG  This is my first doll, Alexis Miri.  Read her profile to learn more about her.

photo.JPG  This is my second doll, Briana Sophi.  Read her profile to know more about her.

       That concludes the photoshoot! Like the bracelet Briana is wearing? It is a friendship bracelet made by my aunt.  All dolls that were pictured are American Girl Dolls.  I have to find a better camera source, obviously. But I hoped you enjoyed!I may do a post after Christmas to show and review any American Girl items that I may have gotten.


P.S. Like my festive colors?

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