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Monday, December 31, 2012

Saige is Almost Here!


    Today I realized The GOTY 2013 Saige Copeland is coming out tomorrow!  My birthday is in Jan., and I have $100 to spend for it, so I'm planning on welcoming Saige to my doll family!  I
really want her, because she is soo pretty!  (see my Saige post, filed under November to see pictures of her).  I've seen some of Saige's collection, and as a tribute to Saige, I will post photos of it right here, at Anthrodollogie!  And before I show the pictures, what do you guys think of a New Year's photoshoot, maybe posted on Sat. or Sun.?  But anyway, here's Saige...

  This is Saige, with her beautiful horse Picasso.  I love her outfit!  She reminds me of Felicity (retired AG historical) and Nikki (retired AG GOTY)  And since I didn't have the chance to get either of them, this is th perfect oppurtunity for me.
Saige with her art set!  The arty set is adorable, and I just love the outfit she is wearing!  The sweater and sandals are so cute.  Her style is so bohemian and girly, I just love it!
  Saige with her hot airballoon and dog.  I just love the outfit she is wearing, especially the gold cowgirl boots!  I wonder If she would actually be able to fit in that hot

That's all for Saige!  Aren't you guys excited?


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