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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holidays... and stuff

Hi Peoples,

         I thought I thought could share with you my favorite holiday American Girl Items, but nooo, my dolls just have to do it.  So without further ado (is that how you spell it?) Here are my beautiful girlies...

Hey everyone it's Elizabeth (the doll) I going to share with you my favorite items. This is it...

Okay, I just love this dress.  It's fresh, cute, and fun!  It's not the traditional red or green holiday outfit.  It's purple, but it still has a certain holiday feel, not just Christmas.  This, right here, is New Years, Thanksgiving, Halloween Party,and every other holiday occasion you could think of.  And the headband is the cutest thing ever too.  BTW, it's just so classy! :{) (like my classy mustache dude?)

I love, love, love this! The color contrast is awesome, and the reindeer antlers are sooo darn cute!

Hi everyone, It's Briana here! These are my favorites.

Okay, I guess I'm a sucker for traditional sometimes!  This elegant dress has velvet, taffeta, and classic patent leather ballet flats.  It's just so pretty!

This is the perfect reflection for my sporty, outdoorsy, stylish personality, (read my profile to know more about that).  Every single sporty, outdoorsy, stylish girl needs to have a cute snow boarding outfit for those winter months!  It combines so many beautiful colors, bright enough to add light to anyone's holiday!

 Hi everyone, It's Alexis here, and these a re my absolute favorites!

Here's the first!  If you read my profile you would totally know why I love this! I'm a total and complete girly-girl who loves sewing!  There is so much nice stitching detail!  And every girly-girl loves pink!
I'm the cook in the family, and this is so cute to me.  Not to mention what good quality of sewing is in the hat and apron!

Okay this is all of us!: Merry Christmas! Hopefully our mom can get pictures up of our beautiful Christmas Tree!

                                                  Happy Holidays,

                                                                      Briana,Elizabeth, and Alexis

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