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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pets... and Other Random Things

Hey Guys,

         This is Elizabeth Rebecca (the doll) here, and I figured that if Saige got to do a post, I should be able to do one too, right?  So today I thought you would like to meet our pets, see a pictures of us as a family, and look at our new chair.  This is just everything we forgot to cover in the past month in one big post.  So let's introduce you to our pets!:

From Left to Right: Pepper, Sugar, and Stinki

This is our beagle-mix, Stinki.  He is not from American Girl, but we love him just the same.  He thinks he is bigger than he actually is, so that causes some problems with the neighborhood dogs...

This is our Alaskan Husky, Pepper.  He is from American Girl.  He is also our biggest dog, so he is a bit more work, but we all fell in love with his gentle personality.

This is Sugar, our Yorkshire Terrierand our only female dog. She is one of the AG pets.  She is certainly the leader of the pack, and is quite papmpered.

So those are our pets, and I hope you enjoyed learning about them! But now it is time for our next part of the post! Which is...

... An ADORABLE Spring family photo! From Left to Right: Saige Emma Grace, Elizabeth Rebecca, Briana Sophie, Alexis Miri, and Lou Mei.

Now, for the next part of the post, we will show you our new garden chair that we got for $8 dollars at T.J. Maxx!:

Finally, for the last part of the post, some pictures of Saige that Elizabeth ( the person) wnated me to post:

I hope you enjoyed this mega-post!

                                                                                    Elizabeth Rebecca

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