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Friday, July 5, 2013

Reviews of Some of the New AG Releases

Hey Dollie Lovers!

The title says it all, so let's jump right in!               

This doll is very pretty.  I just love how the dark hair makes her eyes seem brighter, but I can't help but think of Rebecca in the "Deeper" series.  :) By the way, read those books, then you'll see what I mean.
This doll below is OK,  like she just seems kind of bland and unoriginal.  I see what AG is doing, because they have a doll like this with shorter hair, so maybe they are trying to make a closer match.
The Tropical Bloom outfit is cute.  Although, I don't think it is something I'm going to get.  The headband is cute, but I made one just like it for Saige.  The colors are very bright, and the leggings could be used for other outfits very easily, and the color of the shirt is very nice.
I like the Mix and Match collection, but for $90 I would rather save up a little more money and buy a doll.  The outfit on the left is cute, and it can be dressed up or down.  The shirt just seems a little cheap.  I love the pops of yellow in this.  The middle outfit is nice, and I have jeans almost that same exact color, but I just wish it was paired with a different top and different shoes. The outfit on the right is very cute.  I will probably purchase this.  It is so feminine, and it is perfect for a girlie-girl and even someone who is not so girlie.  I like how it uses pink without it being overpowering. I also like the extra accessories, especially the sunglasses.
I really like this jacket.  You could pair it with anything! Whether it is jeans, leggings, over a dress,  or paired with a skirt, it would look perfect!
This is a really cute set, and I like it a lot. I really like the ruffles and buttons, and the circus-y feel of this dress. I think the fact that the skirt is parted is very creative.  And the shoes are extremely cute and versatile. The headband is just as versatile as the shoes. The hoop can also double as a hula hoop for dolls, and I love the little pops of yellow.
This outfit uses such beautiful colors, but I have to admit I like the old one better because it could be used for a customized boy.  It also looks great on this doll because of her eyes.
OK, why the heck do they call this a 2-in-1 outfit?  Just because there is a jacket included, doesn't make it a two in one.  I liked the other one much better.  I like this soooo much, but I'm still kind of disappointed.  The other one could also have been used for a customized boy.
I LOVE these pajamas! They are so cute.  I really like how they have the pops of blue in the shirt that match the slippers.  And, I love how they have the matching graphic on the slippers.
I hope you enjoyed this! Ciao,

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