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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Introducing... the new... American Girl... Girl of the Year 2013...Saige

Hey Peoples,
 This is Saige!
  These pictures are all over the internet.  You can't see this but she has freckles.  HER OUTFIT IS SOOOOO CUTE, I LOVE HER BOOTS, AND HER BELT IS ADORABLE! Her hair comes in a braid,and her eyes are just a bit darker than historical Marie-Grace's,her ears are pierced, and her boots have these strappy decals, and her belt is amade of real beads just like the colorful beaded belts that are in today for real girls ;).  BTW,her hair is in a hairnet so don't freak out if it looks weird.  Apparently, she is interesting in art, horse-back riding, and she lives in New Mexico.(?) I think I may consider buying her.  Sowhat do you htink of her? Some people say she looks like a combination of GOTY Nicki and historical Felicity. So, tell me what you think of her in the commnts below. Are you gonna' get her when she comes out on January first? Bye Bye Mckenna!
And for those of you who don't know, Nckenna's collection leaves too.

            Thanks for Reading,


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