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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introducing...Elizabeth, Briana, and Alexis! (or my dolls' profiles)

Hey everyone,this is Elizabeth (the person). BTW< Elizabeth is my "code name".  I took the name Elizabeth from my AG doll.  Well, anyway, my AG dolls will take it from here!

Hey Everybody! I'm Alexis, Elizabeth (the person)'s first doll.  Her parents purchased me at American Girl Place Los Angeles.  I have dark skin, brown eyes, and straight hair.  My passion is cooking and baking.  I also enjoy sewing, and just hanging out with my doll sisters.(And also,from now on Elizabeth the doll have a smiley face after her name to dictate who is who.)

Hi peoples!  I'm Briana, Elizabeth's second doll.  Elizabeth purchased me off of online. (Elizabeth paid for half.)  She actually flipped a coin to choose me or another doll.  I have medium skin, hazel eyes, and brown curly hair.  I LOVE being active and playing outdoors. Any sport you can think of I probably play on my school's team.  I'm also kind of a nature nut.  People say I'm kinda full of myself ( BTW, they are totally not cool).  I'm also pretty stylish too. :) 

Hey Guys!  I'm Elizabeth:), Elizabeth's third doll.  Elizabeth's grandma purchased me from online.  I have brown straight hair with bangs, medium skin, and brown eyes.  I love anything that has to do with the arts.(art, music, acting, dancing, etc.)  But I like ballet and acting the most!

Side Notes From all of Us!:We own a huge craft store called Fijishima that my mom built 2 days ago.
It has shelves and every craft supply you could think of.  Along with paintings, books, and magazines. We are all also in a singing group witha LEGO named Robby Jones.  We live in an apartment in my mom's closet.  But on Christmas we're getting a 6ft. 8 doll house that is 5 ft. wide!  We are also getting a sister named Marie-Grace if my mom makes straight As.  And a sister named Lou.

From Elizabeth: Sorry about the craft post,my camera isn't working. :(

                     From Elizabeth, Briana, Alexis, and Elizabeth:(

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